REVIEWS Presseomtale på norsk

“Striking debut. We’re looking forward to …a full album. Elin Torset makes catchy tunes with a certain touch of folk. And her voice has character enough to carry them.”
Bergens Tidende (BT)

“Beautiful voice. You can see fairies and everyday angels dancing before your eyes when you listen to these radio-friendly songs” Stavanger Aftenblad

“…an entire album with melodies of the same good quality.” VG

“Blueberry Bliss is a quality product that Elin Torset can be proud of. Elin makes us use our own imaginations, so that we can enter or own little fairy tale adventure” – Søvesten

“She didn’t win the Grand Prix two years ago, but she should certainly have done so. Now Elin Torset is back.” – Dagbladet

“Beautiful and vocally strong…quality and solid craftsmanship both in composition and presentation. Elin Torset can save Norway’s Grand Prix honour… [she] is Norway’s biggest hope” – Dagbladet

 “With a voice like that, she’s clearly a coming star…” Tidens Krav